About Us

History: Located at Hong Kong, OneSixthKit was founded in 2010, starting from selling 1/6 scale head sculpts. We provide the best service thus our business grow quickly and we made many friends all around the world.

Reputation for honesty and efficiency is our only aim and purpose with our business. We may not offer the most competitive rates but we answer you the quickest, ship to you the fastest, we understand your view and concerns and we promise to provide you the best service!

Today: As we have gained a lot of valuable customers and friends on eBay from pass years, we decided to start our own webstore providing more competitive rates and best service to you.

Also, as we have gained fame from lots of toys manufacturer, we would like to develop 1/6 products according to your ideas. We want to learn what you need, we want you to remember this is your one sixth Kit for your fun kitbash! Starting from OneSixthKit.com!

Who we are?

Kit – The founder of OneSixthKit, handling sourcing, development and customer service, Kit listen what you wanted and get you what you needed.

Jun – Wife of Kit, Jun handle logistic and inspection, she check and take care of every product and she ship to you everyday unless the post office is down!