Why my order still pending while I already paid for it?

During weekend or public holiday we might not process orders, we will draw your payment once we confirm the order is valid. Usually you would receive our email within 1 working day, please check spam mailbox if you couldn’t receive our email and feel free to contact us sales@onesixthkit.com if you see no responds with regards to your order.

Is your stock state valid? I bought from other store and orders been cancelled due to listing error / out of stock

Our stock state 99.99% valid, we frequently check and confirm our stock level. However, human error might cause and we hope you would understand

Preorder F.A.Q.

Preorder already cut off, can I still place an order?

For some products we may able to take orders continually or we have more quota, you could place your order as soon as it’s still listing on site. Every preorder listing will be taken down once the preorder is ended.

How long I have to pay when I received invoice for preorder item?

Usually we send reminder on paypal every week and we will email you to confirm if you just need more time to arrange payment. Paypal invoice valid for 15 days, you may request for one week extension after that. However, we appreciate that you could let us know ASAP if you prefer to cancel the order, we reserve the right to cancel your order if we cannot hear from you within 1 week once we sent you PayPal invoice with no response.

I need updates on my preorders!

There are hundreds maybe thousands of preorder items per year, we cannot check with supplier regularly for single item thus there won’t be any updates within the waiting period unless the preorder item is long delayed. We will email you as soon as we know its out but once again we CANNOT provide any updates

How to cancel a preorder?

- Just email us at sales@onesixthkit.com with your order number and item you wish to cancel. Everyone is free to walk as soon as you understand the NRD – Non-Refundable-Deposit.

I missed the preorder! Can you check with supplier and get me one please? You know I am loyal customer I spend a lot!

- Sorry, we are not able add on orders once preorder is ended. You may place your order if the preorder item is still listing on site.  

I changed my mind on one of my preorders, and I am interesting in other product. Please transfer my deposit to the new order

Deposit payment is Non-refundable and also not transferable. The deposit payment is used to lock down our order with suppliers. So please think carefully before you pull the trigger.

If you have other questions please feel free to drop us an email – sales@onesixthkit.com